Star Pattern Charcoal and Cream Decorative Basket - Handwoven

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This is a gorgeous neutral colored basket with a fantastic contrast between the charcoal black fibers and the natural cream-colored fibers. Several different dyes, including natural plant-based dyes,  are used to color the Chambira palm fibers that it is woven from.

Your purchase of this basket helps support local Peruvian Amazon artisans by providing them fair wages for their unique handcrafts. You will also be helping protect the rivers and trees of the Amazon by giving artisans a way to support their families without damaging the forest.

  • Each basket comes with a tag with the name of the artist who wove it
  • Handwoven baskets make a thoughtful and unique gift for any occasion
  • Group several baskets together to make a stunning gallery wall
  • Many baskets come in various sizes of the same print so you can choose just the right one

Place this decorative handmade basket on a table to hold mail or knick-knacks or hang one or more on a wall to show off their unique designs.

Our baskets are woven by Peruvian Amazon artisans from natural chambira palm fiber. They come in a wide range of stunning patterns and colors fashioned from both natural plant and other vibrant dyes and are adorned with seed and wooden beads.  Please remember these baskets are handmade by different artisans so the exact design may vary from the photo shown for this model.

Model: WB569101