Orange Delight - Decorative Chambira Basket - Fair Trade Handmade by Peruvian Amazon Artisan

This beautiful basket is handwoven with fibers from Chambira palm trees in the Peruvian Amazon. The fibers are hand-dyed and skilfully woven into these beautiful and sturdy baskets. These are great for a variety of uses. 

  • Makes a great catchall on a bathroom vanity or a dresser
  • Use as a fruit basket on your kitchen counter
  • Place on an entry table for keys and pocket change
  • Comes with a convenient loop on the back for hanging
  • Crafted with a variety of dyes including all-natural plant dyes

The sale of these baskets supports forest conservation and helps meet local needs in traditional communities in Peru. This basket was made by a campesino artisan from the association Manos Amazonicas (Amazon Hands) in the village of Chino on the Tahuayo River. Each basket comes with a tag listing the name.

These baskets were handmade by different artisans so the exact design may vary from the photo shown for this model.

Model: WB369