Fuschia and Green Decorative Basket - Fair Trade and Handwoven by artisan from Peruvian Amazon

This bright fuschia and green basket will add a dazzling pop of color to any wall that it adorns. Woven from the fibers of Chambira palms and colored with a variety of vivid dyes, the very center of this basket is a rainbow of colors. The edges have been carefully embellished with white beads, adding balance to the bright colors of the woven fibers. 

This basket was handwoven by an artisan from the village of Chino, on the Tahuayo River, in the Amazon region. Your purchase of this basket will:

  • Help with the conservation of the Amazon Rainforest and it's surrounding areas
  • Support local artisans in learning a fair wage for their handicrafts
  • Assist with developing non-timber forest products that preserve the trees in the rainforest 
  • Ensure that over 200 artisans are able to continue to earn a living producing their beautiful crafts

Use this vibrant basket to hold keys, coins, or knick knack on a coffee or entrance table or hang it on a wall with the attached loop on the back for a stunning piece of wall art. 

Each basket comes with a tag listing the name of the artisan who made it.

Model: WB551