Vintage - Fair Trade Basket - Handmade by Peruvian Amazon artisan

These baskets were made with chambira palm fibers by veteran artisans from the town of Jenaro Herrera on the Ucayali River.  They could hang on your wall or serve as funky place to put your mail or special knick-knacks.  

  • Fair Trade product supporting artisans native to the  Amazon rainforest
  • Woven from natural chambira palm fibers
  • Several dyes used, including natural plant dyes
  • Convenient hanging loop on back
  • Your purchase helps meet local needs in tradition rainforest communities

Your basket will come with a tag bearing the name of the artisan who created it.

These baskets were handmade by different artisans so the exact design may vary from the photo shown for this model.

Model: WB090; WB091